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How Do You Plan a Road Trip?

Howdy! It's been a crazy year and definitely one for the books. So long 2020 and hello to 2021!  Upon the return from our last trip, we received enough "How do you plan?" questions, that I felt it was worthy an address on the blog. Especially since it's going to be new trip planning time soon! It all starts late at night with a thought and then muttering as we are falling asleep... "What do you think about going to..." Then the next morning I'm online obsessing about our next destination. I start with Google maps and begin shaping a road trip between home and the destination. Some of the ideas out floating around in the ether are Route 66, Grand Canyon, Disney World, East Coast in the Fall, National Parks, Burning Man (but not Burning Man), weird roadside attractions, etc. Fire Tour 2020 was "What would it be like to take Highway 1 all the way up West coast?" that turned into a friends and family tour. Plus a hunt for Bigfoot through the Redwo

Top Gift Ideas for the RVing Peeps In Your Life

Well, after a year like 2020, we are all looking forward to moving on. A lot of folks decided to do just that over this past summer... Move. They hit the road like never before. It was a safer alternative to hotels and high occupancy public spaces.  And some of these folks found that RVing was not only fun, but something they wanted to invest their time and effort into.  If you know someone, or are one of these folks, here are a couple of great gift ideas for all price levels that are practical AND fun.  Have a safe and happy holiday season! Hun, Cabana Boy and Spawn Rock'N'Roll Trailer Adventures Easy On The Wallet Ideas From  tension rods  and  command hooks , to  bins , buckets and boxes and  racks , oh my! Throw in a couple  lazy susans  and  stacking dry good storage  (my favorite, so I have multiple sizes!) and start calling yourself a damn RV organizing expert! All the little things really start to add up. Since organizing is personalized, a REALLY great idea would be a

Top 10 RV Personalization Ideas

Welcome to the Top 10 of how we have personalized our travel trailer. When you get a new, or new to you, rig, the first thing is nesting! You want to make it your home on wheels. I LOVE organizing! I know that's weird, but it makes me feel almost as good as tiki music and a couple cocktails. Here are the Top 10 things we did to personalize our happy mobile home! 1.   We REMOVED the Massive Decals from the Front and Sides of the Trailer It was very important to me to tone down the free marketing on this trailer. Decommodification. Since it was new, the decals hadn't yet molded to the trailer, so the removal was fairly easy. We did keep a few that weren't so in your face "THIS IS A WOLFPUP!" The ones that were difficult, we used Goo Gone to clean it up. Worked like a charm.   2. I Organized the Space Quick AF!   From tension rods and command hooks , to bins , buckets and boxes and racks , oh my! Throw in a couple lazy susans and stacking dry good storage and st

Demolition Time

So, now you've taken a trip, or two, and are noticing little things like "I really don't need this and I really wish this wasn't there."  I got to that point the first night I was packing our brand new trailer. I got so tired of having to remove the cushions in the dinette to get to the storage spaces underneath.  So I took a hammer and smashed the panel out of the side of it. Now, not only do I have easy access under the seat, I just created a shoe nook! You have NO IDEA how fraking annoying it is to constantly trip over shoes in a tiny space. Other seat WITH panel   There are some panels that are clearly protecting something. Like drilling holes in the wall, I was too afraid to move these panels. Until one day, the panel under the sink broke. And low and behold, there was a MASSIVE amount of storage space under the stove!!! With a little more demo, I took out another panel using a flat head screwdriver to pry apart

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