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Top 10 RV Personalization Ideas

Welcome to the Top 10 of how we have personalized our travel trailer. When you get a new, or new to you, rig, the first thing is nesting! You want to make it your home on wheels. I LOVE organizing! I know that's weird, but it makes me feel almost as good as tiki music and a couple cocktails. Here are the Top 10 things we did to personalize our happy mobile home! 1.   We REMOVED the Massive Decals from the Front and Sides of the Trailer It was very important to me to tone down the free marketing on this trailer. Decommodification. Since it was new, the decals hadn't yet molded to the trailer, so the removal was fairly easy. We did keep a few that weren't so in your face "THIS IS A WOLFPUP!" The ones that were difficult, we used Goo Gone to clean it up. Worked like a charm.   2. I Organized the Space Quick AF!   From tension rods and command hooks , to bins , buckets and boxes and racks , oh my! Throw in a couple lazy susans and stacking dry good storage and st

Fire Tour 2020: Oregon (Act 2)

 Welcome to  Oregon! We continued our adventure into Oregon, a state I have never been to as an adult. I don’t even remember when I was there as a kid. Once again our trip was impacted by wildfires. The original plan was to visit family in the Eugene/Salem area. But, the highway to Grants Pass had been closed and that also meant we weren’t going to be able to visit the  Oregon Vortex  or the  Enchanted Forest . Boooo! But, the weather was great on the coast. The rain was refreshing. And the bridges were my most favorite thing and one thing I didn't really get great pictures of. Each one was so much more elaborate than my usual SoCal overpass. The drive was absolutely gorgeous and exactly what we were looking for as an alternative to the fast and boring ride of the interstate. Yes, That's a Big AF Bridge (Astoria) Lots of Bridge Construction  If we didn't stay on the coast, we would have never found this little gem: The Prehistoric Gardens . It may look campy, and, oh, it is

True Review: Albany / Corvallis KOA (Oregon)

  Albany / Corvallis KOA Journey : September 2020 Site 12: Great end site was perfect for short trailer and drive thru. Unfortunately, we have zero pictures because it was raining the whole time we were there. This campground is in the middle of a plot of farm land that appears to have many uses, including storage and farming. It's family owned and I believe I met Arlene live and in person. She's a sweet little chatter box, but I enjoyed every minute of our chat. She was so damn friendly! I wanted to hug her! She's very proud of her family's business and enjoys meeting the visitors and making this a place they can bring their families. If you are in the area, this is a great a place to camp. It's hardly far from anywhere and easy to get to from the freeway. It's a short little jaunt into Albany and/or Corvallis and is right smack in between Salem and Eugene.

True Review: Klamath Falls KOA (Oregon)

Klamath Falls KOA Journey : September 2020 Site 66: Back-In, Water/Electric; next to a small creek and foot bridge Tight Fit, No Neighbors Let me start this with "The campground was lovely." It really was. I'm not sure what was flowing in the creek, but I wouldn't stick anything in to find out. I feel like we were next to an emergency station of some kind, like for fire, police or ambulance... Maybe near a hospital? Haven't given enough care to actually look at a map. I do know that the consistent sirens throughout the night meant this, or that Klamath Falls is much more shady than I expected.  So I was happy to be in a clean campground with friendly staff. Oh, we arrived at 5:02pm and the staff looked friendly through the window, but they wouldn't make eye contact with me for a full determination. Not that I expected them to open the door and check me in, since they did in fact close at 5pm, but a little wave. Maybe with a pointed finger to the exterior spot

True Review: Astoria / Warrenton / Seaside KOA Resort (Oregon)

Astoria / Warrenton / Seaside KOA Resort : September 2020 Site 307: Great because it was a nice little walk to everything. It wasn't too far from anything. Site 307 Boy, were we looking forward to this location. Our full intent for this stay was to explore the area for all of the Goonie's filming locations. There's a reason this KOA is a Resort and covers the local three towns. It's right in the middle of it all, without being in Astoria. It's right across from a state park with it's own ship wreck. To be fair, there are a lot of ship wrecks up and down the Oregon Coast. It's a rocky rascal. So, being a Resort means it has a few more amenities than other KOAs, more scheduled events like movies, games, build-a-whatever and barrel train rides for the kids. It has couple of good sized playgrounds (pirate themed of course) and a mini golf. There was also a fair share of wildlife that liked to come through in the evenings, like a huge female elk.  Every single pe

True Review: Oregon Dunes KOA Holiday (Oregon)

  Oregon Dunes KOA Holiday : September 2020 This location turned out to be a great spot. We were originally planning on traveling through mid-Oregon, but were detoured due to the wild fires. We wanted a mid-way spot between the Redwoods of California and the Goonies Tour of Astoria and the surrounding beaches. This was perfect.  Turned out it was right next to the Oregon Dunes, which is quite popular and this location relies heavily on it's visitors. Unfortunately, also due to the fires, the dunes were closed. If we had sand toys, this would definitely be on our list of places to play. Night Time Oregon Dunes We were assigned Spot 24, which was right on a end and great. We had a nice tree that we could light up for the couple of nights we were there. We lucked out because the place was practically empty. Which I enjoy during the pandemic. They had a super cute playground, bounce pad and very nice bathrooms and laundry room. The staff was very nice and complementary of our set up. T

Fire Tour 2020: California (Act 1)

After our little Griswold adventure through the unknown of long-term camping, we decided to take another shot just a few short months later. As the time neared and we packed the trailer, the fires began. First near our home of San Diego. Lots of smoke, but nothing like previous years events. We had no problem continuing the adventure as we had house sitters and weren't worried about anything out of the normal. Then, two days before we hit the road it seemed as if the entire West Coast was ablaze. It also seemed our dream of driving Hwy 1 the entire way was going up in flames, literally. We were getting emails with links, social media posts of photos with orange hued skies and general thoughts of concern about our trip. But, we decided to continue Northward and monitor as we went and knew we could change direction at any time. One of the very awesome things of hauling your home with you wherever you go. Be sure to click the links for True Reviews and other fun things. First

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