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Well... We just Got Plugged on Local Radio Loadspeaker

So, I figured I better post something so you all know we are still Rock'n and Roll'n.  You can't see us, but we're here I've been busting my hump with my side gig ( Virtual Admin for those looking for some organizational help virtually) and still started planning not one, but TWO trips. And Cabana Boy... Well, read on. Trip number one has been in the works for some time as my MIL was very interested in a road trip down memory lane. She spent quite some time in Tucson, AZ taking care of her elderly aunt a few years ago. Well, ten years later and she thought it would be neat to check things out. I planned her FIRST camping trip! I was so excited. We got her little cabins right next to our trailer spots (SHOUT OUT to the KOAs for working with us!). I planned a lot, but not too much. The Grand Canyon via the train, Bearizona, Tucson, etc. Very excited. And Spawn was ecstatic! "We're going camping with Jamma!" Trip number two was up to Yellowstone, through

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Well... We just Got Plugged on Local Radio Loadspeaker