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Whoa! What Do You Mean It's 2022?!?

 Howdy, everybody! I have no idea where the rest of 2021 went... Oh wait... I do remember! I took the advice of the youngin's and went to a social media platform. I don't find it nearly as exciting as writing for the blog. Does that make me officially old? Yup. And lazy too. I barely even kept up with the Intsa or the Tweets. Facebook ? Well, I feel like I did much better there.  Let me share a couple of things that we accomplished over the remainder of 2021 through the sharing of images. We became  certifiable  with our brand new business cards! In June, Spawn and I went on a Girl's Only trip through Utah and Colorado. We met up with some family here and there, but the roads were narrow, winding and sparsely populated. Until we got to the National Parks. You would've thought is was Black Friday with the crowds. Luckily, Spawn managed to fall asleep EVERY SINGLE TIME we got to monuments. So, I didn't feel guilty driving though slowly and goose necking out the windo

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