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Top Gift Ideas for the RVing Peeps In Your Life

Well, after a year like 2020, we are all looking forward to moving on. A lot of folks decided to do just that over this past summer... Move. They hit the road like never before. It was a safer alternative to hotels and high occupancy public spaces.  And some of these folks found that RVing was not only fun, but something they wanted to invest their time and effort into.  If you know someone, or are one of these folks, here are a couple of great gift ideas for all price levels that are practical AND fun.  Have a safe and happy holiday season! Hun, Cabana Boy and Spawn Rock'N'Roll Trailer Adventures Easy On The Wallet Ideas From  tension rods  and  command hooks , to  bins , buckets and boxes and  racks , oh my! Throw in a couple  lazy susans  and  stacking dry good storage  (my favorite, so I have multiple sizes!) and start calling yourself a damn RV organizing expert! All the little things really start to add up. Since organizing is personalized, a REALLY great idea would be a

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