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True Review: La Jolla Indian Campground (California)

 La Jolla Indian Campground: October 2020 Site: Area 4 (Tent Camping) Boondocking (Dry camping, no hookups) I'll start with the website is a little cumbersome if you aren't straight forward RV camping. I also feel like their rates are a bit high for what the amenities are. It makes me wonder what the rates will be like when they finish "reconstruction." Oy! Rates are decent for tent camping as it's per car and first come, first serve camp sites. We decided to go social distance friendly camping with a small group of friends and relied on past experiences at the La Jolla Indian Campground (& Zipline!). Difference being that this was the first time in the trailer. We love this campground and they have RV full hookup sites, but we haven't used those yet. And security was pretty impressed that we got the trailer all the way back into the tent camping area.  We've attended a couple events here over the years and it's a gorgeous location with a running c

Fire Tour 2020: California (Act 3)

 Welcome back to California ! Back in September 2020... As with most extended family vacations, we were beginning to get excited to get home. I mean, we had been on the road for three weeks now. Since we had missed out on Crater Lake, I was adamant about checking out the Lava Fields and Lassen Volcanic National Park. It's like California's very own miniature Yellowstone. On the way to Klamath Falls, we decided to continue onto California, instead of the visit to Crater Lake, which was recommended that we unhitch for the drive. We didn't have a safe spot for the trailer without paying for another night at Klamath Falls . They didn't have any vacancies and we didn't have any interest staying again. We had a few choices of campgrounds near Lassen, but it was a Sunday. And a lot of the offices seemed to be closed on Sunday. Except Hat Creek RV . They answered and we booked a few nights. Relief knowing we would be able to check out the area. This whole trip had been a re

True Review: Bertrand's High Desert Mobile (California)

Bertrand's High Desert Mobile: October 2020 4331 W Inyokern Rd, Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (no website) Site 3(?): Pull thru, full hookups   As this was an overnight stop because the drive was just a little too long to get to home from the Nevada border. I spoke with whom I'm pretty sure was Bertrand late the evening before we pulled in. I was expecting a voicemail, but I guess the number might just be his home. And a land line. I imagined him sitting in his Lazy Boy recliner with a Miller High Life in one hand and his old dog within arm's reach on the other side. Very nice and had an immediate tone of respect and engagement when I called him "Sir." Place was very affordable and worked on the honor system with all the social distancing in place.  The area around the park was shady in more ways than one. This is definitely a stop for the wayward folks and people keeping a low profile. Or someone looking for a deal. Or to be abducted. Also located near a military base out

True Review: Coalville/Walker KOA (California)

 Coleville / Walker KOA: October 2020 Site 409: Pull thru, Full Hookups GORGEOUS!  We loved this campground so much we are thinking about using it as a basecamp for all the things nearby, whatever that may be. Strange I know. The spot had plenty of space. It was level. We were right next to the freeway, but it was quiet. The amenities were great. Nice clean bathrooms and laundry room. The staff was super friendly. Cute little store. Wish we were there for more than one night. It was a rest stop, but we could've stayed for two or three nights. Right by Topaz Lake. Great spot!

True Review: Hat Creek Resort and RV Park (California)

  Hat Creek Resort and RV Park : September 2020 Site 34: Pull Thru, Full Hookups We booked this spot last minute, day before. I called on a Sunday. Tried a place up the road, but the office was closed on Sundays. The folks here answered the phone and we booked a spot. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! This location was right at the halfway point of all the things we wanted to see (i.e. McArthur-Burney Falls, Lassen Volcanic National Park, etc.). Pulling into this place I had no clue how we were going to get the trailer through the trees. But, Cabana Boy did it, lit up the site and we had a great stay. Kudos to Cabana Boy for parking the rig! He's getting REALLY good at it! We had a lot of compliments on the lights and the tiki torches . It was great to be someplace with sun to charge them up during the day... The trees in this place were SO tall. The moon was almost full and the stars at night were big and bright. It was a beautiful campground and we would recommend to anyone.

We Have a Logo! I don't like it...

 Okie dokie, peeps! We finally have a LOGO! Check it out! Hope your season of holidays is delightfully safe and healthy! All the best - Hun, Cabana Boy and Spawn *Update: Over time I have developed a small hatred for this logo. I'm working on something else, but Cabana Boy and I can't seem to agree on something. Ugh.

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