The Rock'n


Cabana Boy has a slew of alter egos as well as other names. The Anomaly is his music endeavor. This is the place where you can find quick links to YouTube videos, audio file links (to purchase because you know you want to support local musicians) and pictures of shows and events. Yeah, that's him on lead vocals. Yeah, that's him on guitar. Yeah, that's him on drums. Yeah, he's the sound tech. Yeah, he does his own lighting. He's THE guy. I heart him. I hope you will too.

YouTube Video Links

Audio File Links

Eye Candy

Grunge Cowboy Rock March 2019

Black Cat Bar June 2019

Burning Man 2019

Black Cat Bar September 2019

Youtopia October 2019

Shoshoni, WY June 2020

BRC 2020

La Jolla Indian Campground October 2020


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