The Roll'n


WHO Are We and WHY Do We Think We Are Special?

My name is Kacey. And his name is Bill (Aka Hun and Cabana Boy). We have a Spawn. I’m a super awesome Travel & Executive Assistant who has decided to take this show virtual. He is a musician who is uber talented and underappreciated, as most artists are. I talked him into getting a travel trailer “just for fun” and now I'm taking him on the road with me (technically I ride, while he drives). Spawn is… Spawn. And super awesome at everything.

Day 1
Day 1 in Our New Trailer!

I also think I’m fraking hilarious and I hope I can capture that in writing. I will use a lot of pop culture references that may need to be researched (i.e. “Frak”). You can count on lameness, but it’ll make you smile. ESPECIALLY the Dad jokes. We all LOVE the Dad jokes!
Did I mention that I have 20 years of experience planning travel for others? Did I also mention that Cabana Boy is notorious for his road shows where he plays a full show with all the lights and whistles our rig can carry?

WHAT the HELL are we doing?

We have no fraking clue. But who does? I mean, really! We have watched a few YouTube videos and consider ourselves semi-pros now. *Insert maniacal laugh here* Side note… I have also searched the depths of Pinterest and I’m tired of iddy biddy teenie weenie pictures of “Top 10/100 Organizational Ideas.”
Then... One day, I had a crazy idea… “Hey! I love researching and planning our trips! Wouldn’t it be awesome if I got paid to do this for us and for others?!?” and “Wouldn’t it be funny to document all of the crazy Griswold events that happen on our trips?”
That idea has turned into this ROCKIN’ site and this AMAZEBALLS theme song (link coming soon), courtesy of previously mentioned uber talented Cabana Boy.


We tend to plan mostly by the seat of our pants. For me, the ultimate planner and organizer (I am a calendar wiz for Execs, you know), this can be… Exciting (stressful). I love it! *Insert another maniacal laugh here* Some trips, like Burning Man, takes MONTHS of preparation and reference to everything done in previous years.


From the beaches of Southern California, to the deserts of Arizona, to the mountains of Colorado and the open space of Wyoming (oh, and Burning Man), we are very excited to go wherever we get a chance. Thinking up North, or maybe down South after hurricane season... Wanna go for a ride? Just kidding… We don’t have the space. BUT, we invite you to check out our site. Click on a few links. Maybe learn some stuff. Maybe tell us about some stuff.

Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs...
~ John McClane, Die Hard

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