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Happy 2023!

Welcome back to! So... 2022 happened. As mentioned in the last post (ONE YEAR AGO) we have pretty much transitioned over to social media. But, sometimes I get in a mood where I feel like sharing. Welcome to the couch. Check out the Intsa , but no Tweets this year. I don't think so anyways...  Facebook ? Go for it! Still alive and old over there.  Spawn is now in Kindergarten. Cabana Boy is rocking locally again. And I have a new permanent gig. When we travel, it's usually just myself and Spawn. Cabana Boy will travel with us locally.  Oh! How could I forget The Boys! Welcome Riggs and Murtaugh! Another reason we didn't travel a whole lot this year. These two became part of the family and we had to keep them quarantined until they has all their shots. Still working on those True Reviews, but head on over to our socials and catch up.  Cabana Boy won the "BEST" decorated campground! Finally. Tee hee!

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