DIY RV Project: Fixing Zero Gravity Blinds

DIY RV Project: Zero Gravity Blinds

With all the fun of open and closing and toddler tinkering, our strings were on their final strand. Here are the steps I took to repair our zero gravity blinds, along with a link to the handy YouTube video that guided me through the process. I would've made my own video, but it would have been a Marx Brothers comedy in comparison. Something I'll save for another time.



Above, you will see the issue of the last strand. As I removed the valance, I discovered (as will most removals in our trailer) that the manufacturer took shortcuts on the installation. Instead of installing brackets, they screwed the valance directly to the wall, luck to find a stud, and through the blinds themselves. I'm afraid what I'll find on the next window repair...

Once I carefully held the valance away from the blinds, I was able to weasel into the space and remove the blinds from the wall. Here's where the YouTube video comes in handy for the actual repair. I think it's hilarious that it's almost always an old white guy doing these things. 

And... Drum roll please... Here is the final product. A functional zero gravity blind! I need to go back and create more tension on the cords, but it works. And I need to have less leftover hanging from the brads at the bottom... Spawn enjoys tying knots too much.


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