DIY RV Project: Flex Seal!

Flex Seal might be my new best friend. Just saying... It's my new duct tape as far as the travel trailer is concerned. 

Broken door hook bracket... FLEX SEAL! This stupid little bracket hooks the screen door to the exterior door. When it came loose, I realized what a pain it actually was to have the two separate. The screws were not holding to the door because they didn't really have anything to hold onto in the first place. FLEX SEAL basically glued the bracket to the door and created a base for the screws to use. Haven't had any issues since! Boom!

Broken bolt on the stove cover... FLEX SEAL! The bolts holding the stove cover to the hinges are PLASTIC. Once broken it was easy to see how easily material will crack over time and with plenty of movement. I used flex seal because I didn't have anything else and we were boondocking. I didn't want to the glass to rattle and crack. What a pain that would've been. Well, the flex seal broke down over time for this particular project. I eventually had to order replacement bolts from the interwebs. All in all, it was very easy fix, but another one pointing out crappy materials chosen by the manufacturer (Name Drop: Forest River).

Finally, Command Strips not behaving as promised to keep the spice rack in place during transit: FLEX SEAL! Now this particular item is a triple threat. Command strips are a favorite tool in the travel trailer toolbox. But, sometimes they just don't live up to the hype. Especially when you use them on trailer walls that flex as you are pressing for 30 seconds to get that magic grip. So, then I used LocTite. Worked great for one strip hook, but not the other. I had to bust out the ultimate tool: FLEX SEAL! Now the spice rack doesn't budge! The spice bottles on the other hand... That's a completely different problem to solve. 


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